is the exact spot where your paths in the physical, virtual and spiritual world intersect with ours. This is also the place where you or I or them no longer exist as separate entities, but become unified as one and accept this new reality as Us. Us is a single reality we all fit with all our qualities; Us is the heart of the lover, and Us is the name of Love. Every single person is accepted equally, is loved and is joined to this house. This is the heart of a lover; its forgiveness and capacity for acceptance is without limit. You and I are no longer merely host or visitor, landlord or traveller; we are every person journeying in life. We are all pilgrims, and our destination is the same, found deep in our hearts where the truest lover awaits. That some of us are perhaps more aware of this than others matters not at all, for this does not alter the fact that we are all single pieces of a complex and magnificent puzzle which we call Life.

All equally important and valuable, some pieces of this puzzle might be nearly indistinguishable from others for being plain color, while on another flashes the eye of an angel or is brandished a powerful tool. Perhaps some other looks like a very ordinary people on the ground, but each must be treated as the precious object it truly is. Regardless of what we look like or it seems that we really are, one thing is certain – every single missing piece would render this great puzzle incomplete.

It is completely up to you to decide what is the role you want to take in this home we share. You determine what is the experience you want to add to the running of this household, or if you should so choose, you are free to give up everything you already had and believed and start fresh like a new-born baby. You can either leave this home right now, or wander around for a while.

If you wish to rest here, we always have space on our CARPET for you. There is nothing magic about this carpet, it is neither a flying nor a particularly valuable one. It is woven with passion and desire, it is endless and will grow slowly through hosting each traveller. You can either meditate on it, sleep cushioned by it or you can listen to the conversations of others wanderers like yourself, and if you wish they will be happy to hear what you have to say. If you want to know more about the servants of our house, you can find us in the KITCHEN, where the sounds of a burning fire mingles with the images of past feasts with great friends, passersby and dervishes. Our pots might be aged and worn, and our skills at cooking very poor, but still our fire is burning with patience, our food is cooked with love, and we will always have a bowl of soup for you. If we cannot be found near the fire, then look for us at the TABLES.

This might sound like a completely different recipe, but never forget that we use the spice of tolerance and harmony with respect to everyone.

We are not missionaries, but more like crazy visionaries who believe that the kindness of a good soul exerts power over cruelty and hardness. We have neither the right nor the time for judging others, but focus on our own growth and on helping others in every capacity we may have. Our VISION grows in our heart; even though our eyes are only capable to see what is the world of reflection, we continue to look for the source. Finally, having nowhere to look besides our own heart, we are forced to close our eyes when we attempt to touch this source, and it is then that our pure vision is right there smiling at us, our vision has the sweetness of a baby’s smile, the madness of Shams-i Tebrizi, and the lightness of a butterfly

This is a house of respect, of kindness and of acceptance. Your greetings upon entering are just as valued as the farewell which marks your leaving – your words will reach us as a graceful DOVE. Hopefully you will meet many friends and lovers when traversing the BRIDGES of the rose garden surrounding our house. Over all you might find our home messy or not worthy of your visit, and that is your right. We would like to say, however, that our intentions are good and that we are simply pupils of our own school. We are the missing pieces of our puzzle, and we will try to learn, work and love until we find our place in this magnificent picture. Once this has been accomplished, then my friend, all separations between the pieces will be gone and no longer will it be you and me, it will be just you and you will be entering your own home.