Gogo is undisputedly one of the most internationally successful Swiss DJs. In 1987 the still young techno culture in Zürich was heavily influenced by Gogo. He set up the first Zürich underground techno club Illusion Dance in 1991. When hardly anybody was aware of what the term ‘progressive music’ really meant Gogo made Swiss clubbing history, thanks to his progressive nights at The Roxy.

Gogo’s real breakthrough came during the years 1995/96 when he started his own party sessions: House of Love. At the no.1 radio station of Zurich Radio 24 he mixed for 1 ½ year the Friday night Session Sputnik Radio. 2006 Gogo get the opportunity to play in Locarno on the Piazza Grande. 15’000 people, a massive stage and excellent crowd. He was the supporting act for Depeche Mode! He played at the most famous clubs around the world. In 1996 he was the first Swiss Dj to spin records at the cult club Pacha in Ibiza and he was hugely celebrated. In the following years, he played regularly at Amnesia, Space (opening, closing), Privilege (Manumission main floor) and other clubs on the island.

He brings people from all over the world to new levels of excitement with his outstanding style and he’s even carried his sound to China, where he has been warmly welcomed ever since. The Dutch label Cyber Records contracted him as one of their main producers. He released and remixed tracks of well known artists and had a huge success with his records on the English label Hooj. Since then Gogo has published more than fifty tracks, some of which have reached number one in the English hype charts and which the UK’s well-respected DJ Magazine described as being amongst ‘the deepest tracks ever’. an attribute which doesn’t need any more explanation. From March 2001 till 2010 Gogo was managing his own Club the Club Q (former Matrix) in Zurich.

Today, Gogo is again increasingly encountered in the studio and we can look forward to his new releases and on his label MUSIQ Records.